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Welcome to the The Italy Property Vault, the ONLY go too toolkit in the market, where you will learn all you need to know about choosing, investing and protecting your property asset here in Bella Italia. The total value of these products if purchased separately is $3,700 - so snap it up now and make huge savings!

So what is included in The Italy Property Vault?

* Signature sellout course "Purchase the Dream"

* Recorded trainings from Nikki's team of experts in tax and legal due diligence

* Nikki's sell out 3 day training on Buying Property in Italy

* Nikki's "Do's and Dont's" training on buying property in Italy

* How to Confidently Purchase a Property at Auction in Italy

* ALL of Nikki's ebooks geared towards inspiring you to take your first action steps

What you will learn in this training will save you THOUSANDS in costly mistakes! Learning and educating yourself when buying property in Italy is CRUCIAL to avoid the common costly pitfalls that most people come across.

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20 Modules

Module 1: Introduction, Checklist, Property Translations

In this module we will go through a short introduction, a checklist and a breakdown of the types of property translations.

Module 2 : The Legal Aspects of Buying a Property in Italy

In this module we will go through the Legal Aspects you need to take into consideration when buying property in Italy - the session will be jointly done with myself and Giandomenico De Tullio of De Tullio Law Firm. 

There is also a guide of Buying Property in Italy which has been created by De Tullio Law Firm. 

Module 3 - Where are the best places to buy in Italy

In this module we discuss the best places to buy property in Italy.

*disclaimer - these are subject to current trends and cannot be guaranteed

Module 4 : The Cost and Taxation Implications of Buying Property in Italy

In this module we are led by leading Taxation Specialist Paolo Rigo who will go through the following topics:

  • The Cost and Taxation Implications of Buying Property in Italy 
  • Flat Tax Retirement Scheme
  • BONUS LESSON : Property Flipping Q&A

Module 5 : How to Mitigate Currency Risk

In this lesson we are given a presentation by GC Partners, the leading firm of currency transfer and conversion which is a crucial strategy to implement when buying property in Italy and using funds not in the Euro.

To set up a no obligation free call with GC Partners please click on the link below:

GC Partners : Book in a Call

Module 6 : How to Confidently Renovate Property in Italy

This lesson contains a workbook of the things to watch out for when renovating property in Italy and also the things that one can undertake without having to get permits etc.

Module 7 : Holiday Rental Investments + How to Plan an Effective Buying Trip

In this module we will discuss the top tips for planning an effective buying trip.

Module 8 : How to Settle into Italian Life with Ease

In this module we will discuss how to settle into Italian Life with Ease.

I would also highly recommend that if you need assistance with setting up things such as :

  • Bank Accounts
  • Codice Fiscale
  • Permesso di Soggiorno
  • Health matters
  • Mobile phone
  • Utilities

That you connect with Lucia and Ilaria from Problem Solving Expats. They are bilingual and specialists in helping people with all of the above services. They can assist with most comune in Italy.


Problem Solving Expats


In these Bonus Modules you will get access to the following ebooks:

  • How to Home Stage your Holiday Rental for Success
  • How to Create your Dream Italian Life
  • Your "How to" Guide for Short Term Rentals in Italy
  • 10 Proven Ways to Generate an Income in Italy without knowing Italian
  • Where are the best undiscovered spots to buy in Italy right now?

6 Italian Lessons to Get You Started

In this Bonus Module you will have access to 6 Italian lessons both video and workbook to get you started on the basics of the Italian language! 

Resource List

This is my "little black book" of trusted contacts who are the leading specialists in Italy to help you throughout the process.

How to pay the TARI + IMU

Training from Paolo Rigo on how to pay the TARI + IMU in Italy

Tax Implications on Property Flipping in Italy

Tax implications on Property Flipping in Italy by Paolo Rigo from Studio Rigo

How to Confidently Buy Property in Italy Ebook

My Amazon Best Selling ebook in 6 categories "How to Confidently Buy Property in Italy"

How to Create Your Own Slice of La Dolce Vita Ebook

My "go to" list of all of my favourite places to eat in Italy!

Since making this workbook I wanted to add in a few extras that have become firm favourites:

Aquamarea - Polignano a Mare


La Taverna dello Gelosia - Ostuni

Trattoria Il Cortiletto - Speziale in Puglia

Ardecuore - Fasano in Puglia

First Steps to your Dream Italian Life

This super cute and very inspiring Ebook will get you thinking about how to take those first steps into creating your Dream Life here in Italy! 

How to Confidently Purchase a Property at Auction in Italy

This bonus module we are with Julie from Living Italy understanding all about how to purchase properties in Italy at Auction!

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